What a challenging day! It was as though the Peak looked at me today and said “No free rides, buddy… you’re going to have to work for it!”  No matter how hard I tried, the fresh snow and flat clouds made the Peak look like a ghost in the fog. It was about 7 o’clock when the clouds finally started to break up so I jumped in the truck for one more shot at something special. The clouds to the far West were all broken up and it looked like the sunset may deliver, so I got all set up and waited it out. Most of the sunset shots tend to focus on the beautiful colors of the big sky above everything, but tonight the sunset seemed to wrap itself around the Peak, just as the summit finally emerged from the storm. With all of the rain and snow (yes, it snowed!), this was the best shot of the day and everything else I got today pales in comparison.

~The Pikes Peak Guy

~Pro Specs: ISO 100, Focal Length 170mm, Aperture f/9, Shutter Speed 1/2 sec.

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