When I saw fog this morning I was totally caught off guard, but figured it would burn off quickly and I would just have to wait it out, However, the fog just gave way to clouds and gray skies… so I had to wait much longer than I expected. I ended up getting out on 3 different hikes today, hitting one location after the next on my short list of final locations, but nothing seemed to work in the flat light of the day. By now you know that on days like this, when things get tough, I go find a cliff to stand on to get a picture! I have been to this spot before back in December, but knew I needed the sun to be low in the sky so it could shine through the trees and highlight the beautiful mosses on the rocks… and I needed Spring. It took the entire day, but I got it!

~The Pikes Peak Guy

~Pro Specs: ISO 100, Focal Length 18mm, Aperture f/8, Shutter Speed 1/100 sec.

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